FS19 Vehicles

As it turns out, even without regular FS19 Vehicles, there's no farm. Yes, the modifications of vehicles that you can download for the Farming Simulator 19 are not as useful as trucks or tractors, but they are still needed. First of all, you can get into a beautiful, expensive vehicle and ride on your farm. And even better, you can do it on some big jeep, which has good cross-country ability. But not all FS19 Vehicles are so useless. Most modifications, for example, have a trailer (towbar). And it means that you can trap a special car trailer, and carry small loads on the farm. If you download the vehicle modification pickup, for example, it can perform the tasks of refueling your vehicles, or fill the seeder with seeds (fertilizers). As you can see, even these small machines can be useful in your favourite Farming Simulator 2019. Nobody would refuse to drive a fast car like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen. Or a Russian car VAZ Zhiguli, UAZ, GAZ, or an old Moskvich. Compared to the trucks, FS19 Vehicles have much higher speed, and it will be much more fun to ride them on your farm.

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