FS19 Combines

You can't build a big farm without a good FS19 Combines. Therefore, in this category we will be laying out the modifications of Farming Simulator 19 Combines. In addition to those already available in the game, you can download and install new combine harvesters. They will not only decorate your farm, but also perform the work of harvesting different crops. Since the new version of the simulator has a lot of new crops, there will be more combines, and accordingly the harvesters will be more to them too. As usual, you can download only the best and proven FS19 Combines modifications, which are designed for harvesting a variety of crops: wheat, barley, rape, corn, radishes, soybeans and other crops in the Farming Simulator 2019. Russian and Soviet harvesters such as DON, Niva, Kolos, Yenisei. And of course large and powerful Farming Simulator 19 Combines: John Deere, Claas, Krone, Massey Ferguson. Also, different harvesters, which are suitable for harvesting certain crops. In Farming Simulator 19, the harvesters can not only harvest grain crops, but also mow grass for silage, or pick up straw to produce the same silage. There are different models of this technique. Large and small, with or without cabins, on wheels or on tracks.

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