FS19 Mod Packs

FS19 Mod Packs is a set of different modifications, or other mods in one archive. Simply put, FS19 Mod Packs is a collection of mods. Such additions are very popular with FS 19 players, so we decided to place Packs in a separate category. Download mod pack and install it in the Farming Simulator 19 Game is no more difficult than to install a regular mod. Only after installing the package in the game will appear several add-ons. This is convenient because having installed only one add-on, we have a lot of different techniques in the game. And there is no need to search and download mods one by one. As a rule, packs in Farming Simulator 2019 always contain some specific technique. For example, a package of MTZ tractors, a package of Russian equipment, or Soviet. There are special mod packs, which collected all the equipment for a particular game modifications. Maybe a collection of some useful static objects, combines, trucks, agricultural machinery, etc.

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