FS19 Cutters

After plowing the field with FS19 Cutters, you may need modifications for a cultivators. You need it to level the soil and prepare it for sowing different crops in the Farming Simulator 19 Game. We decided to place the FS19 Cutters in a separate category to make it easier for you to find and download the appropriate modifications. Among the cultivators presented in this section, there are many Soviet ones: KPM, AKS, KPM-8PS, etc. Interesting, useful and old technique. Just like a plough, you need to choose a cultivator in terms of width and power of the technique to which you are going to attach it. To use in the game FS 19 large cultivator with a weak tractor is unlikely to work. A plough is a must for ploughing fields in the game. In addition to some pre-installed FS19 Cutters of this technique. You can download a mod on the plow and easily add it to the game. For instance the plough must be selected by size and depending on what tractor and on what Farming Simulator 2019 game map you plan to use it. If your map in the game is very small fields, we recommend to download modifications to small ploughs. Which are convenient to work on small areas (a maximum of 3 cases). In other words, if you have a map with large fields, then pay attention to the ploughs with a large grip (on many bodies). Therefore, there are also revolving versions, which are just as easy to work with on large fields. In conclusion among the presented modifications there are variants of imported ploughs, as well as Soviet ones. Among which there are PSCU, PLN and others.

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