FS19 Cars

A separate FS19 Cars category in which modifications for Farming Simulator 19 Cars are placed. Not the most useful technique in Farming Simulator 2019, but still you need it. For fast movement on the map is not very convenient to use large equipment. And the small and passable car is the best for these tasks. In other words, FS19 Cars can perform the function of cargo transportation. The load is placed in the vehicle itself (if it is a pickup truck or bead), or on a special trailer that can be used with cars. For instance there are many service vehicles whose job is to deliver fuel, seeds, or fertilizer to other vehicles in the game. The styles of Farming Simulator 19 Cars that you can download from our website are very different. Which add sports cars, passing jeeps, useful pickups, mini trucks or vans. Farming Simulator 2019 Cars are from Audi, Toyota, Mercedes, BMW, Chevrolet, Peugeot and more are available. After that Russian and Soviet cars are available: VAZ "Zhiguli", ZAZ, UAZ, Moskvich. You can pick up the car for your tasks and download it for the game

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