FS19 Trucks

What could be better than a powerful FS19 Trucks? After all, it can be attached to a large and spacious trailer, or even two, and carry goods on the farm, or the entire game map. Almost all mods of Farming Simulator 19 Trucks have high engine power. Compared to FS19 Trucks are usually installed without trailers. But it is not a problem, because you can buy the necessary trailer, tank, platform, or truck and use it on the farm. In the Farming Simulator 19 Trucks can be both imported (MAN, Volvo, Scania, MAZ, DAF), and Russian. Even Soviet made (ZIL, Kamaz, URAL). With these additions you can earn good money by delivering goods to the points of sale. Or, for example, you can transport logs with a truck and a special trailer for logs. Choose the mod of the truck you like most, download it and install the add-on in the Farming Simulator 2019. Then you can buy equipment in the shop and use it on the farm.

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